Aim and Scope

Dear Participants,

This symposium holds great potential to enhance our existing knowledge and practices in the realm of social sciences. Through the exchange of ideas, theories, and empirical research, participants will collectively contribute to a richer understanding of the complexities of human society. Moreover, this collaborative gathering will foster the creation of common solutions to regional and national problems, leveraging the collective wisdom and expertise of attendees. By addressing societal challenges through interdisciplinary lenses, the symposium aims to pave the way for innovative approaches and progressive strategies.

Beyond the intellectual benefits, the symposium also seeks to cultivate social and occupational collaborations between various stakeholders. By facilitating networking opportunities and encouraging dialogue, the event will forge connections among scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and other vested parties. These connections will serve as catalysts for meaningful partnerships and collaborations, fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

In essence, this symposium represents a critical step towards nurturing the social sciences and humanities within an increasingly interconnected and complex world. Through shared knowledge, collaborative problem-solving, and fruitful interactions, the event aspires to unlock new possibilities for understanding human behavior, addressing societal challenges, and promoting holistic聽progress.

Best Regards

Symposium Organizing Committee

International Symposium on Current Approaches & New Trends in Social Sciences

Toros University

November 02,03 2023

Symposium Dates